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NEWS: New grants announced to innovate horticultural food and drink industry

Growing Kent & Medway has announced £3million in R&D grants for projects that support inclusive economic growth and environmentally sustainable practices and innovations.

Funding grants of up to £250,000 will be made available to assist projects that aim to develop green technologies, processes or products for horticultural food and drink businesses across Kent and Medway.

NEWS: New NIAB chief executive to strengthen role as 'go-to' place for innovation

A computer scientist by training, Professor Caccamo is currently NIAB’s Deputy Director and Managing Director of NIAB EMR. He has over 20 years’ experience in life science research and big data, including specific projects to apply the latest DNA sequencing technologies and bioinformatics methods to advance scientific understanding of crop genetics and the interaction of agricultural crops with their environment.

NEWS: Ace strawberry from NIAB EMR set to be launched

‘MallingTM Ace’, is a strawberry first selected in 2015 and trialled in 2017 at NIAB EMR, the horticultural research centre at East Malling. It offers the potential to boost the fortunes of growers in the UK by providing high-quality fruit throughout the year that matches the quality of the best June strawberries. After the success of its commercial trials in 2019, Malling Ace has been fast-tracked to get it to market.

NEWS: “A great day for genetic innovation” - NIAB welcomes EU study’s confirmation of the sustainability benefits of gene editing techniques

NIAB chief executive Dr Tina Barsby welcomed the publication today of the long-awaited European Commission study into the regulatory status of Novel Genomic Techniques (NGT) such as gene editing, and in particular the study’s conclusions that NGT products have the potential to contribute to sustainable food systems with plants more resistant to diseases, environmental conditions and climate change effects, food products with higher nutritional qualities such as healthier fatty acid content, and reduced need fo

NEWS: New pesticide names added to BCPC's Online Pesticide Manual

The names for 14 new pesticide active ingredients have been approved by the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) and added to BCPC’s Online Pesticide Manual.

The ISO’s Technical Committee of Common Names for Pesticides assign shorter, more distinctive, active ingredient names than their original chemical name for newly approved pesticides.

NEWS: Leading scientists & politicians welcome Defra gene editing consultation & urge organic sector to keep an open mind

Welcoming the Government’s long-awaited consultation on plans to regulate the products of precision breeding techniques in the same way as conventional breeding methods, rather than as GMOs, leading scientists and cross-party politicians have highlighted the potential opportunities of these advances to support more sustainable farming and food production systems.

Survey shows control of rising wild oat populations still possible

“We felt it was really time to provide an updated picture of wild oat herbicide resistance, and also a general picture of where we are with wild oats currently across the UK, so we asked for wild oat samples to be submitted after harvest, along with a detailed questionnaire, ” said NIAB’s weed biology specialist, John Cussans.

There are two species of wild oats that are weeds in the UK – the common wild oat and the winter wild oat.


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