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NEWS: NIAB EMR appoints Scott Raffle as Knowledge Exchange Manager

Scott Raffle has been appointed to the role of Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager at NIAB EMR.

Widely known within the UK fruit industry for his previous work at ADAS, and more recently his work disseminating AHDB-funded fruit research, Scott is taking on a newly created role to improve the information flow of research results from NIAB EMR and to raise its profile within the industry.

NEWS: Malling™ Fruits plant sales nearing 100 million in 2021

Malling™ Fruits, the marketing brand for fruit varieties bred at NIAB EMR in Kent, saw record sales of its world-leading fruit varieties in 2021, with over 94 million plants sold.

Sales of strawberry plants headed the tally with the industry-leading June-bearer Malling™ Centenary reaching over 68 million plants alone. Raspberry variety Malling™ Bella® saw sales grow by over 50% on the previous year’s plantings.

NEWS: New NIAB agronomists for east and south-west regions

Effective immediately, Gary is providing agronomy advice and technical services to farmers across the eastern region, working closely with NIAB’s Head of Membership Technical Services Andrew Watson and agronomist Stephen Keach on-farm in Norfolk and Suffolk. Will is based in the south-west, joining the regional agronomy team of Poppy dePass, Syed Shah and Steve Cook who cover the south and west of England.

NEWS: Dr Kostya Kanyuka joins NIAB as Head of Pest and Pathogen Research

Dr Kanyuka will manage NIAB’s strategic and applied research on the biology, detection, surveillance, epidemiology and management of diseases and pests of field crops. His role will include building on established programmes, and creating new opportunities, with a wide range of NIAB’s academic and commercial partners and customers.

NEWS: Industry-led doctoral training partnership focused on sustainable innovation to develop a new generation of agri scientists

An industry-wide consortium, led by producer organisation G’s Growers, has won a UKRI-BBSRC collaborative training partnership award (CTP) to provide a £3.6 million postgraduate training programme in sustainable agricultural innovation.

The programme has been co-developed with NIAB as part of its alliance with the University of Cambridge, the Crop Science Centre, the James Hutton Institute and leading UK universities.


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