Business development

Helping industry to fulfil its potential in supplying food and renewable resources.

NIAB Ventures creates, develops and supports new commercial activity to help deliver NIAB’s charitable aims to the industry.

The team seeks to extend the impact of NIAB’s traditional research-based services by working with colleagues across the organisation to build new solutions and collaborations for the agrifood sector based on our unique intellectual property portfolio.

Delivery is through licenses, consultancy, training and agritech products or services and across our activities we are able to reach into NIAB’s global industry networks, its science, and its talent pool to access the resources and skills we need.

Developing mutually beneficial relationships with small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and their investors in the agritech sector is an important focus for NIAB and Ventures works closely with the sector to explore new business models and support delivery of innovation for the industry.