Welcome to NIAB

The challenges of food security, climate change and sustainable development present exciting opportunities for agricultural research and innovation.

NIAB is the UK’s fastest growing crop science organisation, having trebled in size over the past decade through a strategic programme of investment, merger and acquisition.

Founded in 1919, and with a longstanding international reputation for expertise in plant varieties and seeds, today NIAB’s scientific capabilities span the crop improvement pipeline; from underpinning research required to develop higher yielding more climate resilient crops through to the extensive trials data, agronomy expertise and advice needed to ensure these advances are transferred effectively onto farm.

The acquisition of The Arable Group in 2009, the University of Cambridge Potato Agronomy Unit in 2014, East Malling Research in 2016 and BCPC in 2019 has broadened the range of crop expertise that now resides within our organisation.

Today, NIAB is at the forefront of the application of genetics, physiology, soil science, precision agronomy and data science to improve the yield, efficiency and resilience of crop production across the arable, forage and horticulture sectors. 


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