South Coast Biosciences DTP

The South Coast Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership (SoCoBio DTP) is a Doctoral Training Partnership funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)  and offers a broad,  four year research training programme which provides students with the skills they need to develop into future bioscience leaders in academia or in industry. It is a collaboration between four south coast universities - The University of Southampton, The University of Kent, The University of Sussex, The University of Portsmouth - and NIAB.

The SoCoBio’s cross-institutional approach draws on the research strengths of our partners to deliver a unique, high-quality interdisciplinary and industry-facing training experience. Moreover, each year, it offers undergraduates from across the UK the opportunity to undertake a summer research studentship at one of our partners.

Winter 2022/23 opportunities

Application deadline Monday 9th January 2023

Based at NIAB in East Malling

Applying nutrient dynamics to adjust the nutrient-water balance in soft fruit soiless grown crops - supervisor: Dr Eleftheria Stavridou
Improve strawberry growth consistenct in vertical farming - supervisor: Dr Mark Else
Adaptation of cutting edge photonic tools to understand food spoilage biology - supervisor: Professor Xiangming Xu
Nutrient Smart Horticulture to grow more climate resilient, profitable and nutritious crops - supervisor: Dr Eleftheria Stavridou

With NIAB co-supervisors but based at partner Universities

Boosting plant disease resistance through RNAi hairpin introduction
Can fruit production and viticulture be enhanced by ecosystem services, including pest moth control, from wild mammals?
Implications of mobile genetic elements on biofilm formation in Pseudomonas syringae and its biological control