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NEWS: Improved access to plant genetic resources to drive crop innovation

The project will focus on seven plant species of high relevance to UK researchers: arabidopsis, barley, oat, oilseed rape, rice, tomato and wheat. The aim is to integrate, analyse and add value to existing plant population DNA sequence data in a user-friendly, browsable genomic context, ultimately opening up opportunities in crop research innovation.

NEWS: Trish Malarkey joins NIAB Board

With a career spanning over 30 years in food and agritech innovation, Ms Malarkey has held senior research and development roles in multinational businesses in the UK, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the USA. These include Chief Innovation Officer at Royal DSM, Head of Global Research and Development at Syngenta and various non-executive director and scientific advisory roles in established global companies and start-ups.

Hazel Doonan and Sarah Cowlrick recieve BCPC award

In presenting the awards at this year’s BCPC Congress event in Harrogate, BCPC Advisory Board Member Jim Orson said: “Both recipients, in different organisations, are at the very centre of training and support for Integrated Pest Management withinthe sector, carefully and brilliantly ensuring that farmers receive informed advice on managing their crops. Not only do they do that, but they also give of their time to support other industry initiatives.”

NIAB Barn4 welcomes eFeed as latest member

Established in 2021 in India, eFeed uses farm-level bioinformatics for precision cattle management to improve yield of the animal and reduce GHG (methane) emissions. By utilising farm-level cattle health and feeding/nutrition data to predict potential diseases, eFeed recommends precise feeding and estimates milking during the lactation cycle.

At the same time, it enables farmers to account and offset their methane emissions. All this information exchange is carried out digitally with farmers using a mobile app.

Anglo-Mexican collaboration launches Malling™ raspberry varieties in Mexico

The collaboration includes the launch of the semi-exclusive ‘Malling Bella® and Malling Charm® Club MX’, with a select few of Mexico’s largest raspberry producers licensed to grow the proprietary Club varieties.

NIAB has appointed VIVEX as the Club’s exclusive agent and plant propagator. VIVEX will be responsible for the coordination of the propagation, technical support, auditing, and royalty collection.

New approach to regulating precision bred products could unlock investment in crop genetic research and innovation

As a result, England could be on course to adopt one of the most progressive and enabling regulatory systems for gene edited products in the world, opening up significant potential for increased inward investment and international research collaboration.   

Maize variety selection for the 2024 growing season

Skipper and Foxtrot from Limagrain, Faith, Emeleen, Crosbey and ES Palladium from Grainseed, alongside SY Silverbull from Syngenta, are new entrants on the 2024 Favourable First Choice List. RGT Easixx and RGT Bluefoxx (RAGT), KWS Resolvo (KWS), Glencoe and LG31207 (Limagrain) have been added to the Favourable Second Choice List.

Skipper, Faith and SY Silverbull also feature on the Less Favourable First Choice List, with Foxtrot, RGT Easixx, RGT Bluefoxx and KWS Resolvo added to the Less Favourable Second Choice List. LG31207 (Limagrain) has been added to the Very Favourable DL.

NEWS: New feasibility study on domestic chickpea production

‘Cicero - developing chickpea as a novel source of domestic UK protein’ is a two-year, £500,000 feasibility study led by the crop science organisation NIAB, with collaborators from across the agri-food supply chain. Cicero has been awarded funding by Defra under the ‘Farming Futures R&D Fund: Sustainable farm-based protein’ competition, part of Defra’s Farming Innovation Programme managed by Innovate UK, and starts with immediate effect.


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