Malling™ Elizabeth

A high quality Victoria-like plum
Very early cropping
Attractive large, firm red/purple fruits
Excellent flavour characteristics

Malling™ Elizabeth
Technical Sheet

Fruit quality

Malling™ Elizabeth has oval, firm fruit with an average size of 4.2 cm in length, 3.1 cm in width and weight of 37g. Its skin colour is red/purple-violet which has a slight glossiness with bloom. The fruit is freestone with succulent yellow-orange flesh that has a good balance of sweetness and acidity.

Production period

The Malling™ Elizabeth season starts with leaf burst in late March, blooms in mid-April, one week before Victoria, with fruit harvest in early July, 6-7 weeks earlier than Victoria.

Growth habit

Malling™ Elizabeth has a high tree vigour, which is upright and spreading, reaching an average height of 4 m and 2.2 m in width. The average trunk diameter is 10.3 cm (30 cm above soil). The variety has mature oval, alternate green leaves averaging 9 cm in length, 7.1 cm in width. Malling™ Elizabeth grows successfully in the UK climate.

Disease resistance

No noted susceptibility or resistance to diseases or pests.

Year of release: 2022

*Colours are based on the RHS Colour Chart

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