NIAB Cereals Cup

The NIAB Cereals Cup is awarded to varieties that show outstanding merit and value in their marketplace, and can be awarded to relative newcomers to the market, particularly if they represent a step forward for the crop.

It takes a truly exceptional variety to win the NIAB Cereals Cup in a normal year and NIAB can be go for several years without making an award. The Cup was first awarded in 1953 to the spring barley Proctor and past winners have included Einstein winter wheat in 2005, Pearl winter barley in 2004, Claire winter wheat in 2001 and Skyfall winter wheat in 2015.

Centenary Award

To celebrate NIAB's Centenary Year in 2019, the NIAB Cereals Cup remit was changed to recognise 'the most influential UK wheat variety from the past 100 years.' The Centenary Cereals Cup was awarded to the winter wheat variety Robigus.

Past winners

2015 - Skyfall winter wheat (RAGT Seeds)
2009 - Quench spring barley (Syngenta Seeds Ltd)
2005 - Einstein winter wheat (Nickerson UK Ltd)
2004 - Pearl winter barley (Nickerson UK Ltd)
2003 - Gerald winter oat (IGER/Semundo Ltd)
2002 - Optic spring barley (New Farm Crops Ltd)
2001 - Claire winter wheat (Nickerson UK)
2000 - Consort winter wheat (Plant Breeding International (Cambridge) Ltd)
1998 - Consort winter wheat (Plant Breeding International (Cambridge) Ltd)
1996 - Chariot spring barley (Plant Breeding International (Cambridge) Ltd)
1993 - Puffin winter barley (Zeneca Seeds UK Ltd
1991 - Riband winter wheat (Plant Breeding International (Cambridge) Ltd)
1989 - Mercia winter wheat (Plant Breeding International (Cambridge) Ltd)
1986 - Norman winter wheat (Plant Breeding Institute
1983 - Avalon winter wheat (Plant Breeding Institute) & Aquila winter wheat (Nickerson RPB)
1978 - Ark Royal spring barley (Rothwell Plant Breeders)
1976 - Maris Otter winter barley (Plant Breeding Institute)
1973 - Maris Huntsman winter wheat (Plant Breeding Institute)
1969 - Peniarth winter oats (Welsh Plant Breeding Station) & Maris Quest winter oats (Plant Breeding Institute)
1956 - Powys winter oats (Welsh Plant Breeding Station)
1953 - Proctor spring barley (Plant Breeding Institute)