NIAB Innovation Farm

Promoting the power of plant genetic innovation

NIAB Innovation Farm is a pioneering UK knowledge transfer platform, a unique physical showcase of agricultural and horticultural activity with particular focus on plant genetic improvement, delivered in partnership with academics and industry to utilise, develop or produce plant-derived or plant-based materials.

Our central objective is to show how plant resources and crop genetic improvement can help address the major global challenges of sustainable use of resources, climate change, food security and provision of high quality food to enhance health and nutrition.


Agriculture and food production face enormous challenges in the years ahead. NIAB Innovation Farm demonstrates how crop genetic improvements can address the issues of:

Food security
The need to increase global food supplies through sustainable management of resources to keep pace with the demands of a growing world population; to provide food that is affordable, nutritious and safe.

Sustainable resources
Agriculture and food production face enormous challenges in the years ahead. Solutions must be achieved using less land and fewer or less expensive resources; including for example water, nutrient and crop protection amendments, agronomic management (such as soil preparation) and pre or post-harvest crop processing.

Climate change
Unknown changes in weather patterns and seasonal temperatures will impact on both crops and organisms that interact with them, such as new or altered levels of pests and diseases. Growers will have to understand and deal with these biotic and abiotic factors to maintain production of existing crops or perhaps to switch to new ones.

Health and nutrition
Concerns over food safety and the need for more variety and more healthy nutritious food have driven innovation in quality standards. The demands of both consumers and the food and drink processors have led to many changes in recent years. Innovation is needed to provide nutritional security on top of food security; through for example, higher or more balanced nutrient content, reduced toxins and improved digestibility.

Biodiversity and aesthetics
A beautiful and diverse environment is vital to maintain ecosystem services at landscape-scale and to maintain an appealing environment for both human and other species.

NIAB Innovation Farm supports the translation of plant science discoveries into practical applications by linking the science base and  industry. There are a range of options for businesses, research organisations and individuals to become involved including demo plots, industry events, conferences and stakeholder visits.

Why get involved with NIAB Innovation Farm?

  • Genetic innovation, and translation into practice, is key to addressing societal challenges
  • One-stop-shop for understanding and demonstrating innovation
  • Proven platform with wide engagement
  • Industry, policy maker and grower audiences
  • Easy access to experts (research to industry)
  • Source of collaborators

Download the latest NIAB Innovation Farm Visitor Guide for more information or contact Dr Lydia Smith to find out how to get involved.