Malling Fruits

Providing world-class fruit varieties

Malling Fruits works with industry consortia across the world to breed, develop and commercialise soft fruit varieties, including the phenomenally successful strawberry Malling™ Centenary and raspberries Malling™ Bella and Malling™ Charm.

Malling Fruits is part of NIAB, based in East Malling in Kent, UK. Strawberry breeding first began at East Malling in 1983 for commercial and amateur markets and we have since launched 45 varieties of soft fruit with sales exceeding 400 million plants. 

Using a combination of traditional techniques and genomics-assisted breeding NIAB supports the efficient development of disease resistant, high quality varieties ensuring improved yield, fruit size and quality, lower fruit wastage, easier picking and season extension.

Malling Fruits, New Road, East Malling, ME19 6BJ
Tel: +44 (0)1732 843833
Email: licensing [at]