Weed management - IWMPRAISE

IWMPRAISE is a European Union Horizon 2020 project which brings together experts in weed management and conservation agriculture from across the EU to support the development and adoption of integrated weed management approaches.

The project consortium consists of 37 partners from eight different European countries and includes 11 leading universities and research institutes within the area of weed management, 14 SMEs and industrial partners, and 12 advisory services and end user organisations.

NIAB leads the UK national cluster for narrow row crops in IWMPRAISE, in partnership with Rothamsted Research, AHDB, Cotswold Seeds and other partners. Part of our focus is to work with Garford farm machinery to understand better the principles of inter-row mechanical weeding.

The project aims to reduce the environmental impacts of weed control, and demonstrate that integrated weed management supports more sustainable cropping systems that are resilient to external impacts and do not jeopardise profitability or the steady supply of food, feed and biomaterials.

Research areas

IWMPRAISE focuses on four main research areas:

  • annually drilled crops in narrow rows (e.g. small grain cereals, oilseed rape)
  • annually drilled crops in wide rows (e.g. maize, sunflowers, field vegetables)
  • perennial herbaceous crops (e.g. grasslands, alfalfa, red clover)
  • perennial woody crops (e.g. pome fruits, citrus fruits, olives)

In addition, a final output of the project will be to make the results available to end users via online information and E-learning, farmer field days, educational programmes, dissemination tools and knowledge exchange with rural development operational groups dealing with weed management issues.


Integrated weed management: how does it look in practice? - 2019 poster for farmer-facing events