The MacLeod Complex glasshouse at NIAB's Park Farm, Histon near Cambridge

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NIAB's glasshouse teams at Cambridge and East Malling deliver a range of independent glasshouse services to industry and research customers.

Crop husbandry experience in hundreds of different plant species enables us to deliver bespoke trials and other services, with a track record of designing and following protocols with full traceability.

We specialise in tailored projects supporting academic and industrial partners, including collaboration on research such as

  • Growing media trials
  • Fertiliser and crop protection products
  • Herbicide efficacy trials
  • Bio-stimulate trials
  • Nutrition and water management
  • Novel technologies
  • Propagation (grafting)
  • Seed bulking

Video tours

Our video tours show you the scope of the work we cover in our glasshouses at Cambridge and East Malling:

For more on our facilities at East Malling, see the GreenTech Hub for Advanced Horticulture.

NIAB glasshouse facilities  

Glasshouse facilities at Cambridge and East Malling reflect modern commercial glasshouse facilities featuring:

  • Bespoke packages available including trial design, trial deliver, data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Approximately 2800m2 of specialist glasshouse and plant growing facilities including spore-proof growth rooms, growth chambers, containment and vernalisation areas available at both sites
  • Environmentally controlled glasshouses and growth rooms
  • Various automatic irrigation systems including misting, drip and hand watering facilities including moveable benches with ebb and flow tops
  • Supplementary lighting including variable spectrum LED
  • Insect-proof netted compartments and lockable zones for high-risk pest and pathogen research
  • Selection of outdoor hard standing, field and polytunnels
  • BREEAM award winning conference centre facilities

Additional services:

  • Experimental design
  • Impartial assessment
  • Phenotyping
  • Data handling and analysis
  • Genetic resource maintenance
  • Specialist plant husbandry
  • Additional analytical services available via NIAB LabTest

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East Malling:
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