Camila Gonzalez Campo

Camila has a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Plant Breeding. Her research interest include molecular genetics and genome editing for precision crop breeding and she is currently carrying out a full-time BBSRC PhD studentship in Crop Sciences at the University of Reading, based at NIAB East Malling.

Research project

Camila's PhD project is focused on understanding the genetic control of the everbearing trait in the cultivated strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) by using gene editing, and to further develop reliable markers for the selection of optimised everbearing habit.

Scott Raffle

Scott’s role is to raise the profile of the research and commercial activities at East Malling and to improve collaboration between the researchers and the fruit and wider horticulture industry. This includes the activities of the Growing Kent & Medway programme.

Ece Imam Moustafa

Ece works in NIAB's Crop Science and Production Systems department in East Malling, specialising in plant physiology.

Research projects

Title: Improving cane crop resilience by overcoming the legacy effects on photosynthesis from short-term stresses
Partners: NIAB , University of Essex, AHDB & Berry Gardens
Funders:  BBSRC, CTP-FCR

Dr Nichola Hawkins

Nichola’s research focuses on the evolutionary biology of plant pathogens, and how we can develop more durable crop disease control strategies against ever-evolving pathogen populations. This includes factors driving the evolution of fungicide resistance, and how these will apply to future crop protection measures, in pathogens including Zymoseptoria tritici which causes the major wheat disease Septoria leaf blotch.

Lauren Colagiovanni

Lauren is responsible for leading all the communication activity for Growing Kent & Medway. This involves securing press coverage, developing and delivering events, generating website content and managing the social media channels.

Growing Kent & Medway is supported by UKRI’s Strength in Places Fund and is establishing the Kent & Medway region as a world-leader in climate-smart, sustainable horticultural food and drink production.

Dr Robert Saville

As GKM's Innovation Growth Manager, Robert works closely with stakeholders across the Growing Kent & Medway programme to engage businesses in the region with the facilities, resources and expertise available within the cluster.
Growing Kent & Medway is supported by UKRI’s Strength in Places Fund and is establishing the Kent & Medway region as a world-leader in climate-smart, sustainable horticultural, food and drink production.

Gabrielle Roxby

As an assistant plant breeder, I am involved in all practical aspects of the strawberry breeding programmes in the Genetics, Genomics and Breeding department. I provide scientific and organisational support for the crop genetic improvement projects at NIAB East Malling. I currently assist with the operation of on-site trials including plant propagation and micropropagation using meristem excision. I also provide technical assistance with plant patent applications.

Rebecca Griffiths

I work in the Genetics, Genomics and Breeding department as a Plant Technician. The main purpose of my role is to provide support to the strawberry and raspberry breeding programmes by carrying out general plant husbandry duties, fruit assessments and technical assistance with plant patent applications. Additionally, I assist with maintaining the germplasm collection, performing seed extractions and micropropagating plants via meristem excision.

Simon Thundow

Simon provides field and laboratory-based technical support for the apple and cherry breeding programmes at East Malling. He is also involved with cherry epiphyte and apple canker research projects.

Dr Kostya Kanyuka

Dr Kanyuka leads NIAB’s strategic and applied research on the biology, detection, surveillance, epidemiology and management of diseases and pests of field crops, working with a wide range of academic and commercial partners and customers.


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