Martina Capozzi

Research interests

Nitrogen response in wheat and other crops; sustainable agricultural practises; arbuscular mycorrhizae.

Research projects

Wheat decision: to respond or not respond to available nitrogen; Duration: March 2022-2025; Partners:  NIAB (lead); Funding: BBSRC

Dr Graham Dow

Graham's research is focused on understanding mechanisms that facilitate plant-environment interactions and increase crop resilience to climate change. These topics are approached using a combination of genetic and physiological tools, with a main focus on stomatal traits. Stomata are key gatekeepers for plant-environment interactions because they control gas-exchange at the leaf surface. They strongly contribute to water-use efficiency, photosynthetic processes, temperature regulation, hydraulic integrity, and organismal plasticity.

Peter Craven

Peter joined NIAB in August 2022 and is part of an established team of research scientists, crop specialists and field/laboratory technicians, widely known for providing potato R&D, services and advice across the UK and beyond.

Catherine Chapman

Research project:

Below ground carbon sequestration potential of apple trees
Date: September 2019- September 2023
Partners: University of Reading, NIAB East Malling and CTP FCR
Funders: AHDB, BBSRC, Berry Gardens, M&S, NACM, WorldWide Fruits and The Worshipful Company of Fruiters.

Gary Rackham

Gary provides agronomy advice and technical services to farmers across the eastern region, working closely with NIAB’s Head of Membership Technical Services Andrew Watson and agronomist Stephen Keach on-farm in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Dr Charles Whitfield

Research interests

Charles undertakes research and development of products, tools, and methods to enable more efficient and environmentally sound crop protection. He is interested in transferring technology and methods from other sectors into agriculture, utilising a range of scientific fields such as semio-chemistry, insect behaviour, image analysis (fluorescence, hyper/multi spectroscopy), remote sensing (aerial and ground), automation and precision agricultural technology to develop novel methods of crop protection.


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