Dr Camila Zanella

Camila joined NIAB in 2016, working as a post-doc researcher across a range of ongoing research projects in the Cambridge Crop Research department. Her research focuses on the application of classical genetics studies, plant molecular genetics and genomics, including genetic mapping and genome wide association screens, to investigate the genetic control of disease resistance to stripe (yellow), leaf (brown) and stem (black) rust, yield, yield components, and quality traits in cereal crops, with particular focus on wheat and multi-founder advanced generation inter-cross (MAGIC) populations.

Dr Joseph Martlew

Joseph is a research agronomist at NIAB, with a mixed background in academia as a soil scientist and in industry as a commercial agronomist. He has a strong interest in how farm management approaches may be brought together into farming systems to increase the sustainability and resilience of food production.

Dr Nada Šurbanovski

Based at NIAB East Malling Nada's research interests focus on the intersection between genetics and environment and the function that small non-coding RNAs and epigenetic mechanisms play in the information flow within the plant and between the plant and its surroundings. Small RNAs and mechanisms of epigenetic regulation are best known for their role in genome defence against transposons, but their functions in plants are vastly diverse and steadily increasing.

Geoffrey Liddell

Geoffrey studied Engineering Science (Meng) at the University of Oxford, graduating in 2021, where he developed a range of interests from control theory to chemical engineering.

In the past he has worked with wood decomposing fungi and joined NIAB in 2022 where he is now receiving training in the irrigation systems at East Malling’s WET (Water Efficient Technology) Centre .



Adam Green

Adam is a research assistant providing technical support to the Crop Science and Production Systems team at NIAB East Malling. This includes the set-up, maintenance, and monitoring of various experimental and commercial trials.

Adam graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BSc in Biology and the University of Warwick with an MSc in Sustainable Crop Production. His research interests include nutrient and water use efficiency in crops, plant pathology and plant physiology.


Mitzi Else

Mitzi has been a project administrator at East Malling since March 2019, providing administrative support to the CTP PhD studentship programmes, both at East Malling and Cambridge.

She also provides general administrative support to other projects, such as the Rubus breeding programme, and at the East Malling site in general.

Ross Newham

Ross is responsible for much of the day-to-day operational running of the site including facilities, health & safety, quality control (EMQA), etc, and occasionally helping the science staff communicate their activities to external audiences.

Noémie David-Rogeat

Noémie's research project is looking at changes of the African eggplant growth under drought, high temperature, and salinity, alone or in combination, and how to limit their negative impacts. She is also interested in the nutritional quality of the plant.

Prior coming to NIAB East Malling, she completed her BSc in Life Sciences and Engineering at EPFL (Switzerland) and a MSc in Biotechnology at Imperial College London.


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