Emma Easton

As Head of NIAB Glasshouse Facilities, Emma manages two teams based at East Malling and at NIAB's Park Farm site at Cambridge.

Her main duties involve the service delivery of various science projects and external trials, including running environmental computer controls for glasshouses and growth rooms. As well as this Emma is the plant health site advisor, chair of the plant health team  and assists in setting up and the managing various costing models and systems.

Celina Xavier e Silva

Celine manages and assists research projects in both field and laboratory environment at NIAB at East Malling. She is working to create suitable habitats for beneficial insects and arthropods and looking at how they impact pest control in the crops. These studies also help to outline which flowering resources may be more suitable for each type of crop. Celine has expertise in pest identification, especially key species of thrips that are damaging to soft fruit.

Chandra Bhan Yadav

Chandra is based at NIAB East Malling in the Genetics, Genomics and Breeding (GGB) Department.

He received his MPhil and a PhD degree from the University of Delhi and subsequently undertook post-doctoral research at the National Institute of Plant Genome Research in New Delhi India, the University of Milan in Italy, the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) in Israel and Aberystwyth University before coming to NIAB.

Dr Katharina Huntenburg

Katharina is a plant physiologist with a particular interest in plant stress responses. For her PhD she worked on drought stress responses in potatoes in collaboration between Lancaster University and NIAB . Her field of expertise is closely linked with challenges through climate change. Hence, she is interested in innovative ways to make potato production more sustainable.

Katharina is working at Wageningen University as postdoctoral researcher in vertical farming and remains connected to NIAB in the function of a research consultant.

Francesca Elliott

Francesca provides field and laboratory based technical support for research projects and commercial trials, focusing on the control of insect pests in soft fruit, top fruit and hops. She is based with the Pest and Pathogen Ecology team at East Malling in Kent.

Current research

Title: SWD Stop Spot - Control of Drosophila suzukii in fruit crops using Sterile Insect Technique (SIT)
Duraction: October 2021 – March 2023
Partners: BigSis, Berry Gardens
Funder: Innovate UK

Martina Capozzi

Research interests

Nitrogen response in wheat and other crops; sustainable agricultural practises; arbuscular mycorrhizae.

Research projects

Wheat decision: to respond or not respond to available nitrogen; Duration: March 2022-2025; Partners:  NIAB (lead); Funding: BBSRC

Dr Graham Dow

Graham's research is focused on understanding mechanisms that facilitate plant-environment interactions and increase crop resilience to climate change. These topics are approached using a combination of genetic and physiological tools, with a main focus on stomatal traits. Stomata are key gatekeepers for plant-environment interactions because they control gas-exchange at the leaf surface. They strongly contribute to water-use efficiency, photosynthetic processes, temperature regulation, hydraulic integrity, and organismal plasticity.


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