NIAB Horticulture Plant Clinic

Post samples, with a completed booking form to:

NIAB Horticultural Plant Clinic, NIAB, New Road, East Malling, ME19 6BJ

For horticultural and fruit samples only. All agricultural plant clinic samples should be sent to NIAB LabTest at Cambridge.

Booking form

Contact: [at]
01732 843833
For further information contact: jennifer.kingsworth [at] (Jennifer Kingsworth) or tom.passey [at] (Dr Thomas Passey)
For queries on field trials or pesticide testing contact: Adrian Harris

CURRENT FEES (excl VAT) from 5 January 2023

  Price per sample    
Service 1 sample 2-6 samples >6 samples
Visual examination of plant material and culture media for the diagnosis of pests, disease and other crop problems (report time 2-5 days) £80 - -
Phytophthora water bait testing (report time 7-14 days, contact us for more information) £100 £90  
Identification of pests (report time 2-7 days) £135    
Verticillium soil test (report time 6 weeks) £445 £400 £360
Where additional laboratory tests are necessary for confirmation of diagnosis these are in addition to the visual examination as follows:      
Isolation and morphological identification of fungal, oomycete and bacterial pathogens (report time 1-3 weeks) £100 - -
DNA identification of fungal and oomycete isolates (includes DNA extraction and ITS barcoding) (report time 2-3 weeks) £220 £200 £180


Significant crop damage may occur unless pests, diseases, weeds or nutritional disorders are dealt with early. Whether it is damage to the growing crop or to the harvested produce in store, action needs to be taken quickly to prevent financial loss. Before remedial action can be taken, the precise cause of the problem must be diagnosed. Incorrect identification may lead to significant delay in the implementation of effective corrective measures.


The NIAB Horticulture Plant Clinic offers a rapid, confidential service to all sectors of the horticultural and land-based industries, including commercial growers, importers, consultants, technical representatives and retailers. The Clinic is underpinned by the extensive team of horticultural scientists at NIAB's site at East Malling in the UK, operating in state-of-the-art laboratories using conventional diagnosis and molecular techniques.


NIAB maintains close contact with the perennial crops industry to ensure that research is focused clearly on its immediate and long term needs. When new problems arise, we respond rapidly, using existing expertise to provide practical solutions. The NIAB Horticulture Plant Clinic is included in the overall service, to diagnose crop problems and provide guidance on appropriate remedial action.