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International Day of the Potato

From Potatoe Cyst Nematode to how does potato growing fit into regenerative agriculture, the potato industry in the UK is facing several challenges. In this short video recorded for the first International Day of the Potato, NIAB's Research Development Manager for Potatoes, Peter Craven explains what he thinks the biggest challenges are, and how NIAB is addressing those challenges:



The 2024 Bentley Nelstrop Medal for Enterprise and Innovation – Tricia Cullimore

The annual in-house award, initiated by former NIAB Trustee Bentley Nelstrop, celebrates exceptional contribution to innovation and enterprise by an individual or a team from within NIAB.

Tricia’s contributions have been central to NIAB’s ability to remain an integral part of the statutory and Recommended List trials systems for sugar beet, maize, pulse, herbage and a whole host of minor crops whose popularity has ebbed and flowed over the past 50+ years.

Meet the Scientist: Dr Belinda Kemp

Belinda is NIAB's Head of Research and Oenology, working at the Wine Innovation Centre at East Malling in Kent. Here she provides scientific leadership in viticulture and oenology research and development of the Wine Innovation Centre.

In this short video, part of NIAB's Meet the scientist series, Belinda discusses her love of wine, why all aspects of viticulture fascinate her and gives her top tips for anyone looking to get in to viticulture and oenlogy.

Work to underpin England's Paludiculture Roadmap

What are (and could be if crop area expands/ as a result of climate change) the main pest, disease and weed challenges for the most likely UK paludiculture crops (reed, typha, sphagnum, ….)?

Are there food/feed crops that should be prioritised for agronomy/breeding development for paludiculture systems in the UK?

If you have any quick thoughts on these questions, then please get in touch via colin.peters [at]

EVENT: Free NIAB webinar highlights latest tree fruit research

The event is split into three sessions, the first leading with a presentation by NIAB’s Growing Kent & Medway team on how the programme is supporting sustainable innovation in the sector. New developments in post-harvest research at The University of Greenwich will include a talk on a Growing Kent & Medway funded project on improving energy use in apple stores. There will also be presentations on the new apple rootstock M200 and research to speed up the process of apple breeding.

Contribute to the CHCx3 cropping options survey

This survey is part of the Centre for High Carbon Capture Cropping (CHCx3) project, a four-year, multi-partner project, spanning agriculture, industry, and academia, and led by NIAB. The survey is aimed specifically at farmers/growers, or their agronomists/advisors. It is seeking to better understand the key requirements of growers when determining which crops to grow on their land or as part of their rotations.


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