Work to underpin England's Paludiculture Roadmap

26 Feb 2024
Leeks in fenland soil
NIAB is leading a quick scoping project for Defra. We have two separate questions to address:

What are (and could be if crop area expands/ as a result of climate change) the main pest, disease and weed challenges for the most likely UK paludiculture crops (reed, typha, sphagnum, ….)?

Are there food/feed crops that should be prioritised for agronomy/breeding development for paludiculture systems in the UK?

If you have any quick thoughts on these questions, then please get in touch via colin.peters [at]

As part of the project, we are also arranging two short online workshops on Tuesday 5th March. We would welcome participation in one/both – and please share with relevant contacts or other interested partners.

Register your interest below. The registration page will open in a new tab. The workshops are separate events and you will need to register for them both if planning on contributing to both sessions.

Morning session: 10 am-12 pm (GMT), we will discuss the emerging findings on weed, pest and disease challenges for UK paludiculture.

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Afternoon session: 2-4 pm (GMT), we will explore the potential for food crops within paludiculture systems in the UK.

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