NIAB named one of European Seed Magazine's 20 most Climate Friendly Companies 2021

17 Jun 2022
Solar panels at the Eastern Agri-tech Innovation Hub
NIAB was recently named as one of the 20 most climate friendly companies 2021 by the European Seed magazine. Here's why...

To get a better picture of what European seed companies are doing to mitigate climate change, European Seed Magazine asked all national seed associations in Europe, and many other peers in the European seed sector, to nominate companies that are making an effort to mitigate climate change.

The article in the magazine, written by Marcel Bruins, says: 'The reactions were overwhelming. It showed me that many companies are, in fact, already doing a lot. Not just through their new varieties but also in the fields of renewable energy, recycling, and much more.'

Here is why European Seed Magazine chose NIAB to sit on the list:

Increasing Climate Resilience

NIAB has been very active in its efforts to mitigate climate change. NIAB’s plant-microbe interaction specialists are working to reduce chemical inputs by using beneficial microbes to improve growing techniques, such as N-fixing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in production systems. Soil biologists within NIAB are expanding the understanding of carbon sequestration within farming systems, investigating the use of low tillage production systems to capture more carbon, retaining it in the ground longer and reducing soil greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only does NIAB drive innovation through its research, but it also strives to adopt best practices for minimising its own footprint.

Built in 2010, the Sophi Taylor Conference facility is state-ofthe-art and remains a beacon of sustainability. All building works at NIAB since have incorporated elements from this building to enhance their green credentials. 

Integral to addressing climate change is the development of next generation expertise by investing in training for technical staff at all levels within the organisation along with providing industry-facing Continuing Professional Development courses. NIAB have joined with partners to establish a £3.6M, industry-led, doctoral training programme that provides a platform for training and learning for sustainable agriculture innovation.

For more on what NIAB is doing to make food and farming more sustainable, see:

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