Dr Thomas Wood

Dr Tom Wood
Senior Specialist, Plant Pathology

Research interests

Crop improvement, host-pathogen interactions, pathogenomics and the evolution of virulence, downy mildew species

Research projects

Panacea: Pathogenomics for Enhancing Food Security in Africa; Duration: August 2018-December 2019; Partners:  NIAB (lead), National Crop Resources Research Institute, Uganda; Funding: BBSRC-GCRF

(CP184) Downy mildew and Late blight Control: Duration: January 2019-December 2021; Partners: NIAB, JHI (Lead), ADAS, Stockbridge Technology Centre, UoWorcester; Funding: AHDB


Recent publications

Depotter, J.R.L., Thomma, B.P.H.J., Wood, T.A. 2019. Measuring the impact of Verticillium longisporum on oilseed rape (Brassica napus) yield in field trials in the United Kingdom. Eur J Plant Pathol. pp 1-6. 

Jasper Depotter, Xiaoqian Shi-Kunne, Helene Missionnier, Tingli Liu, Luigi Faino, Grardy van den Berg, Thomas Wood, Baolong Zhang, Alban Jacques, Michael Seidl,  Bart Thomma. Dynamic virulence-related regions of the fungal plant pathogen Verticillium dahliae display remarkably enhanced sequence conservation Molecular Ecology

Jasper Depotter, Fabian van Beveren, Luis Rodriguez-Moreno, Grardy van den Berg, Thomas Wood, Bart Thomma, Michael Seidl. Homogenization of sub-genome secretome gene expression patterns in the allodiploid fungus Verticillium longisporum. BioRxiv

Depotter, J. R., Seidl, M.F.  Rodriguez-Moreno, L., Thomma, B.P.H.J. and Wood, T. A.  2017. The emerging British Verticillium longisporum population consists of aggressive Brassica pathogens. Phytopathology. 

Depotter, J. R. L., Seidl, M. F., van den Berg, G. C. M., Thomma, B. P.H.J. and Wood, T. A. 2017. A distinct and genetically diverse lineage of the hybrid fungal pathogen Verticillium longisporum population causes stem striping in British oilseed rape. Environmental Microbiology.