Malling™ Allure

Late season Junebearer
Excellent fruit quality
High % Class 1 yield
Large fruit size with high yield


Fruit quality

Malling™ Allure has excellent fruit quality, similar to Malling™ Centenary, alongside attractive glossy berries, with a regular shape and large fruit size (68%>35mm).

Production period

A late season variety, starting production about 7-10 days later than Malling™ Centenary. Malling™ Allure has good yield potential with an average of 450-600 g/plant from tray plants.

Growth habit

Malling™ Allure produces semi-vigorous plants with an upright habit. The variety has a moderate length truss, with good fruit display and ease of picking, and is well suited for protected table-top production.

Disease resistance

Malling™ Allure has intermediate resistance to powdery mildew, but moderate susceptibility to crown rot and verticillium wilt.

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Year of release: 2019

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