Dr Matthew Milner

Dr Matthew Milner
Senior Specialist
01223 342361

Research interests

Matt works as part of the transformation team at NIAB and is interested in all things related to plant nutrition. This includes how elements are taken up from the soil, how they are sensed and finally transported through the plant to help create the wide variety of phenotypes important to agriculture today.

Research projects

Improving nitrogen use efficiency in cereal crops for sustainable food production
Date: 2022- 2025
Funders: The Morley Agricultural Foundation

An evolutionary approach to optimising synthetic apomixis in cereal crops
Date: 2021-2025
Funders: BBSRC: BB/V016466/1

PGEN-BW: Phosphorus use efficiency and genetics of bread wheat               
Date: 2020-2023
Funders: FSOV

Response of Eragrostis tef to Zn fertilisation and its ability to increase grain Zn content
Date: 2021-2022:
Funders: Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund

Recent publications

Full publication list on Google Scholar, ORCiD and ResearchGate